Just J.R: (Don't forget the DOT)

About Just J.R

A Bronx tale


Hip-Hop Artist, Jonathan Rosario, who is also known as Just J.R, was born in 1989 to parents originally from the Dominican Republic. Growing up in the Bronx, New York's Fordham road, he lived in a harsh environment, wrecked by gang violence. At the time, the things J.R. witnessed led him to want to become a Psychologist when he grew up. However, before he could accomplish this, music caught his attention and ended up growing into a never ending love. 


J.R.'s passion for Hip-Hop began at 14 years old, when an old friend of his, Kevin Gonzalez, encouraged him to start rapping. This encouragement led J.R. to continue growing his talent, and as he got older he learned everything he could about the music industry. As his dreams of becoming a Hip Hop  artist became stronger, he taught himself how to not only write music, but to also record and engineer it. 


By, 2007, J.R. had graduated from John F Kennedy High School and went on to attend Bronx Community College. From here, J.R. Accomplished his childhood dream and earned an Associate's degree in Psychology in 2011. While taking a break from music he, his wife and their daughter relocated to Seattle in 2013, in a bid to protect his child from the type of upbringing he had. For some time after, J.R. struggled to regain his inspiration for music, however, once it did finally come back to him, it was stronger than ever. 


In March of 2018, J.R. created his own brand and business, Just J.R. Music LLC. Since then he has collaborated with numerous other artists and provides recording, mixing, photography and various other services for new talents and veterans of the industry. While continuing to grow his own talent, J.R. has had the pleasure of working with artists such as Fred the Godson, Cristion D, Goodz da Animal, and many others. Everyday he works tirelessly in building up his business so that one day it wont just serve as a record label and entertainment company, but also a platform where artists can find everything they need to succeed in the music industry.  


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